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•  Nanocrystallization for Improved Drug Delivery
•  Nanoemulsions Used for Parenteral Nutrition
Drug-Carrier Liposomes and Nanoemulsions
•  Sonofragmentation of Excipient Crystals
•  Cell Disruption (Lysis) for Recombinant Protein Production

Pharmaceutical ProductsBACKGROUND

 Pharmaceutical companies are under constant pressure to develop new, more effective drug formulations and improve their existing products. At the same time, there is continuous struggle in the industry to maintain commercial viability and reduce time-to-market. It is now generally recognized that nanocrystal, nanoemulsion and liposome-based formulations utilized as drug delivery platforms can provide very effective novel therapies and enhance existing product lines, while reducing costs and improving safety margins. 


The formation of nanocrystals, nanoemulsions and liposomes requires intense shear forces and significant energy deposition in order to break the original particles down to the nanometer scale. Industrial Sonomechanics, LLC (ISM), has developed bench and industrial-scale high-power ultrasonic processors for the production of nanocrystals, nanoemulsions and liposomes. The processors are based on our patented Barbell Horn Ultrasonic Technology (BHUT), which, as explained below, makes it possible to directly implement laboratory accomplishments in a production environment, guaranteeing reproducible and predictable results at any scale.

Very high ultrasonic vibration amplitudes are required for efficient particle size reduction. The necessary shear forces are created by ultrasonic cavitation, which produces violently and asymmetrically imploding vacuum bubbles and causes micro-jets that disperse and break up the particles down to the nanometer scale. Known for many decades, this effect of high-amplitude ultrasound has been extensively studied and successfully used in laboratory-scale research. However, prior to the introduction of BHUT, none of the existing ultrasonic liquid processors could generate the required amplitudes on the industrial scale. Commercial implementation of high-power ultrasound has, therefore, been limited to processes for which low-amplitudes are sufficient (cleaning, simple deagglomeration, mixing, macro-emulsification, etc.). 

Ultrasonic Processor with Water-Cooled TransducerWHY ISM ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY?

Conventional high-power ultrasonic technology inherently forces all processes to run either at a small scale and high amplitude or a large scale and low amplitude. ISM has successfully overcome this limitation by developing BHUT, which permits constructing industrial-scale ultrasonic processors able to operate at extremely high amplitudes. The processors are directly scalable and can be used in the commercial production of high-quality nanocrystals, nanoemulsions and liposomes for the pharmaceutical industry. Our equipment is compact and relatively low-cost, needs little technical support, includes very few wetted parts, generally requires no special pre-treatment of precursors, and is potentially self-sterilizing due to antibacterial properties of high-intensity ultrasound.

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Nanocrystallization for Improved Drug Delivery