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•  Pharmaceutical
•  Cosmetic and Derm
•  Alternative Fuels (Biological)

•  Fuel Upgrading (Petroleum)
•  Food and Beverage
•  Liquid Degassing & Deaeration

This section lists several industries that utilize ISM's ultrasonic liquid processors and describes particular applications within each industry. Please follow the above links (and sub-links therein) for information on each type of industry and application. This section is being continuously updated and is by no means complete. Countless applications of our technology exist. Some examples include the production of nanoemulsions, nanocrystals and liposomes for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, ink, paint, coating, wood, metalworking, nanocomposite and fuel industries, as well as wastewater purification, plant oil extraction, production of biofuels, crude oil desulphurization, liquid degassing, cell disruption, and many more. Please check back soon.